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We have a workforce of approximately 40 workers in the field and 6 persons in the office. We have
3 full-time estimators, an accounts receivable/payable clerk, a payroll clerk, and a purchasing agent who helps with estimating and bidding projects.

We have a fleet of vehicles that our foremen drive to and from the job site they
are assigned to. We have many pieces of equipment to use instead of renting large equipment.

Key Personnel

Name Position Years at Nading
Paul Nading
Mike Nading
Bryan Dailey
John Nading
Terry Straub
Kevin Grindstaff
Jeff Ping
Joe Stieneker
Isaiah Hensley
Kevin Rogers
Danny Ault
President/Part Owner
Estimator/Project Manager
Senior Electrical Foreman
Senior Electrical Foreman
Senior Service Technician
Service Technician
Senior Laborer
Mechanical/Plumbing Foreman
Mechanical/Plumbing Foreman
Mechanical/Plumbing Foreman
Mechanical/Plumbing Foreman
39 years
20 years
29 years
31 years
23 years
14 years
15 years
2 years
3 years
6 years
16 years

Contacts for Specific Areas

Title Name Years at Nading
Overall Coordination/Business Manager
Mechanical-Field Coordination
Office Manager/AP & AR Clerk
Payroll/Human Resources
Purchasing/Estimators Assistant
Electrical-Field Coordination
Paul Nading
Mike Nading
Lindsy Warren
Pam Nading
Dee Mozingo
Bryan Dailey

39 years
20 years
1 year
9 years
6 years
20 years

Mike Nading Office
Paul Nading Office
Dee Mozingo Office
Bryan Dailey Office
Lindsy Warren and Pam Nading Office

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We provide a variety of services including, but not limited to:


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